Florida Democrats Still Live in the Shadows of Claude Kirk and Ed Gurney’s Victories

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When Claude Kirk passed away last year in Palm Beach aged 85, eulogies were forthcoming but most focused on the basics of Kirk’s existence: he was the first  post reconstruction GOP governor, lost re-election, switched parties, switched back, and was a colorful character. All of that is true, but what was missed is how his shadow has hung over the Florida Democratic Party for almost 50 years now.

Kirk shocked political observers by tapping into widespread discontent with the liberal direction of the national Democratic party with his huge 1966 Gubernatorial upset win. Anger about the 1964 Civil Rights Act still was prevalent and after Robert King High, a Miami liberal who supported Civil Rights upset incumbent Governor Haydon Burns in the primary, the die was cast. Kirk, running without a party infrastructure routed High in the General. Republicans which had already come to prominence in Pinellas, Orange, Broward and…

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Governor Dan McCarty of Florida …

Some great never before seen images of governor Dan McCarty

Frank Hardy Made My Photographs Two

McCarty _Penton Gro_RTP_SFW

This is Governor  Dan McCarty of Florida photographed at Penton’s Feed Store in Milton.  I am not sure of the exact date, but it had to have been taken sometime in 1953 because he was only governor for nine months.  He passed away in September of 1953.   Here is a link to a Wikipedia site on Gov. McCarty.  I have posted some other photos of him in downtown Milton, but I had not posted this one yet.  I believe that Penton’s is still open in Milton on Alabama Street.  If anyone remembers him coming to Pensacola, please let us hear from you.  Thanks for looking and please check back … Frank

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The Governor’s Grave Along the Indian River Lagoon

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Jacqui Thurlow-Lippisch

Palms Cemetery lies along the beautiful Indian River Lagoon at 7201 South Indian River Drive, Ankona. (Photo Jacqui Thurlow-Lippisch 2014.) “Palms Cemetery” lies along the beautiful Indian River Lagoon at 7201 South Indian River Drive, Ankona. (All photos by Jacqui Thurlow-Lippisch 2014.)

Entrance to Palms Cemetery, Indian River Drive. Entrance to Palms Cemetery, Indian River Drive.

I had driven by a thousand times, but recently, for some reason, I decided to park and go inside …the graveyard along Indian River Lagoon.

This was not too unusual for me, as my mother, historian Sandra Thurlow, taught me that graveyards are “windows to history.”

“Palms Cemetery” dates back to the early Indian River 1800s pioneers, as originally the river was the only mode of transportation and all things happened along its shores: birth; work; life; love; struggle; achievement and death.

Walking through the well maintained graveyard, there were lovely flowers and trees.

Huge, old red hibiscus bush in the cemetery. Huge, old red hibiscus bush in the cemetery.

Walking through, I felt a sense of timelessness; the landscape still held the original beauty of the area. Respectfully…

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Ossian b hart Florida governors lasting legacies

Governor Ossian b hart is most likely remembered today for dying in office. This is true sadly after serving only a year and one month he died in his Jacksonville home in March 1874. But he was also the first florida born native to win the governorship, his father was a founder on Jacksonville, and Ossian would go on to be a founding member of the st lucie county board of commissioners

Author book signing Florida governors lasting legacies

Had a wonderful time at the fort pierce regional historic center Here with my wife Stephanie, stepmom anna, sister Liz, and step grandma Mary
My favorite photo of the event
My dad and grandpa came to the event. I signed photos by the mccarty family album section of the museum There were some very interesting and dedicated people there Many knew the late governor Dan McCarty personally
Was given a new fountain pen as a gift and made every member of my family present sign their name with it

image image image